Swamp People

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Northmen. Go, figure.

Sam's Death Diet

Started a new diet (renamed it later after one teeny little accident.) It's working pretty well. Lost 30kg in a year. Garenteed 2 work or your money back (if you survive.)

Wayyy up north.

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Monkaan meni

Suohon meni

Allways getting in to trouble.

All good things must come to an end

After a bit over a month of riding I was getting saddle sores and when my tyre blew I was stranded on autobahn.
It was friday evening and I was pushing my bike on the side of the road, hugging the thorn bushes, 10km's from closest small town, wondering where I was going to sleep. This was no longer fun.

Only 5 minutes later this knight in shining armor appeared out of nowhere, stopped, blocked about 1km of trucks trying to pass us by and asked me if I needed help. At least I think he did. I don't speak german so I just nodded my head.



My angel dropped me at the nearest bike shop in the next town - free of charge. My luck was holding... thing is they were not that happy to see this type of "Intruder" at the only bike shop in town. Harley Davidson. How to translate inches to mm? Good service though. After a few tears and pouty lips they gave in and said... fine. I did not have to sleep at the side of the road.



720p - 200M

Crossed the Alps using A43. It was all fun and games until it wasn't.
Somewhere along the road temperature dropped from +40C to (what felt like near freezing) +20C. Have you ever rode trough a pass that has horizontally flying gravel from hurricane like winds? Never again.

HD 4K - 4Gb (Only if you have big screen and fast net.)


PisaPanorama Picture

There is a reason why everyone is standing in a shade!

Italo Western


I'm a poor lonesome cowboy... long, long way from home.
Ever been in a sauna? While driving your bike?

All roads lead to Rome

Colosseum1 PANO
Panorama Picture

All roads lead back to Rome... mostly because my bikes clutch broke in Rome and I could not stop untill I had circled the city 3 times.

Amalfi Dr. - Bikers heaven

720p - 348M

Crossed the beatifull Aegean sea from Croatia. (You should have seen me swim across with my trusty Intruder on my back... another story for another time.)
I heard that Amalfi coast was THE bikers heaven so I headed that way Via Constantinopoli. Two weeks driving in +40C and I was still driving practiclly naked. It was so worth it. I officially name "Amalfi Dr" bikers heaven. Just go to Salerno and head North towards Napoli "Via Costiera Amalfitana". After a a few days in what felt like literal hell (in Napoli) I arrived in Rome and the temerature dropped to mere +30C. Just for one day you could feel the entire town sigh from releaf.

SS163. Near E45. A must - for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

HD 4K - 4Gb (Only if you have big screen and fast net.)

Napoli aka. Hell


+40 in shade. Northmen are melting. Old people are dying like flies.


720p - 347M

Come down from the cold rainy Zagreb riding my Intruder and headed south on E65 when I hit Senj.
Had to Split towards Dubrovnik :) +40C in the shade. Driving in my shorts and T-Shirt shaking my head at fellow travellers dress'd in heavy leather suits. I was sweating like I was in a sauna. I don't even want to think about how they felt. I had to stop every hour or so to walk in a air conditioned shop to by something to drink.

Part1 - HD 4K - 4Gb (Only if you have big screen and fast net.)
Part2 - HD


Croatia3 SenJ

One of the most beatifull coastal roads in the world.
E65 A must - for all motorcycle enthusiasts.
Gotta Split to meet the family.


I visited Auschwitz and saw the horror. We all say never again but I fear we are going to see new concentration camps very soon.




Sauerkraut. One of the best meals ever. Go figure.

Tour EU 2017

If I don't have the guts to go now (alone), I won't ever do it.



Well, if you ever plan to motor west
Jack, take my way, it's the highway, that's the best
Get your kicks on Route 66

I only got as far as 65.


Selection 024

Jerusalem - Mount Olives - Hinnom Valley


Learn from history... or be doomed to repeat it.

Valley of Hinnom was used as a place for worshipers in Canaan to burn their own children alive as sacrifices to the gods Moloch and Baal. One section of the Hinnom Valley was called Topheth, where the children were slaughtered (2 Kings 23:10)