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My name is Sami Mattila and I'm a "nerd from north" (like Linus - one of the North Men). I come burdened with over 20 years of experience in IT stuff that will make your head spin. It did mine. As you may have guessed technology can be pretty complicated. Only thing I know of that is more complicated is organic life. No one ever made anything worth having without good design and it's obvious to me that also holds true with soft sciences (like organic life). Did you know they discovered micro-organism that eats electricity back in 2016? That is so Cool! Perhaps some day we can bridge the gap with soft and hard sciences? Building a server like the one this web site runs on is not easy. I guess that makes me pretty handy with information technology so much so in fact - that many people have called me a genius. I guess I'm slowly starting to believe them though my IQ is only a couple of points higher than Einstein's. (I wonder why my wife keeps snorting while I type this?) Did you know this site does not use a database? Almost all other sites do. Why is that? Anyway, talking about me and my belief systems is boring. That's why I rather talk about stuff that actually interest's me, like Chess, Genealogy, Motorcycles, Tech and Science. Stuff that actually works. You know... Real Science. Not that "peer review" crap'ola. When has the majority ever been right? Right? I prefer facts not opinions or deductions based on faulty logic. Facts don't need nor want "peer review" and adding "peer review" to the definition of Science was one of the biggest mistakes since the day they started calling Darwin a Scientist. "Real Science" is something you can prove and others can duplicate. Not something you daydream in a fantasy novel (or wild ass theory). Did you know that over 90% of the so called Scientific papers out there have never been tried? Never been duplicated by others than the people who dreamed up the paper? Got to publish or perish, right? How is that "Real Science"? Give me IT any day of the week. It either works or it doesn't. And you'll know when it doesn't by the number of people who keep bugging you on the phone. Bad design! Fix it. Please...