Last Trek for Evolution Theory

  • Science anyone..? Anyone? The lights are on but there appears to be nobody home!

    Search for Bones
    Now after two centuries of searching for the missing link it should be high time to admit defeat. The "great" Charles Darwin himself believed those links would quickly be found in great quantities in the geological record.

    “But just in proportion as this process of extermination has acted on an enormous scale, so must the number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed, be TRULY ENORMOUS.”
    ― Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

    But no. After more that a million archived fossils by thousands of people - the missing link is still missing. Why? The answer should be obvious. Because it never existed!

    After two centuries these are the TRULY ENORMOUS findings of those desperate people! (Collected from an area of approximately 1 square kilometer.)

    Behold the sad reality!
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    You can stop laughing now! Seriously, this is not funny! If this was any other theory it would have been buried (with the missing links) long ago. How many other unproved theories that are more than a century old do you know? How many? The dream of evolution is still just that... a dream. Now it's not even a searious theory that it was a century ago but rather a religion for those that can't stomach the facts. If you think otherwise – go study the fossil archives. The answer is there, you just don't want to belive it.

    Behold the dream, Lucy!
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    Search for Spock
    Not only have we wasted our time looking for non-existent bones below our feet, we have also wasted our time and money looking for non-existant signals... ”out there.”

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    There are millions of species here on one planet. But not one species has been found ”out there.” Not even simplest bacteria. It's the same problem that this dream has with the missing bones or should we call "this" by it's true name - a fantasy. If there truly was ”evolved” species out there that could broadcast radio signals like we have been doing for the past century - where are they? We should be hearing their signals everywhere. Do they remain missing because we have not been looking for them? No. Do they remain missing because they don't use radio? No. Electromagnetic waves of various intensities and frequencies have been streaming away from Earth over a century while this signals bubble now covers over 10.000 star systems and just keeps expanding proving we are here. TV broadcasts, mobile phone conversations, satellite transmissions, military, civil and astronomical radars, they all use radio waves because it's the simplest communication method there is. Everybody starts by broadcasting radio signals, then TV! Where are these waves from our alien friends? With our current tech we can listen for these signals covering more than a 1000 Light Years in any direction (literally covering millions of star systems) and we are looking much farther than that. And what have we found? The search for Spock still continues. It seems ET has well and truly gone home.

    Search for Truth
    We could waste our time more by arguing about chikens or egg's. Or we could waste our time talking about amino acids and left vs. right -handed proteins but that would only reek of desperation. Not to worry. We should not let such minor matters of logic alter us from our faith. Who cares if we can't really answer our child's simple question? Daddy, which came first - man or a woman? After all why should we belive anything the bible says? Beliving in God does not pass any scientific peer review.

    Sami Mattila

    I%27m a scientist