Amalfi Dr. - Bikers heaven

720p - 348M

Crossed the beatifull Aegean sea from Croatia. (You should have seen me swim across with my trusty Intruder on my back... another story for another time.)
I heard that Amalfi coast was THE bikers heaven so I headed that way Via Constantinopoli. Two weeks driving in +40C and I was still driving practiclly naked. It was so worth it. I officially name "Amalfi Dr" bikers heaven. Just go to Salerno and head North towards Napoli "Via Costiera Amalfitana". After a a few days in what felt like literal hell (in Napoli) I arrived in Rome and the temerature dropped to mere +30C. Just for one day you could feel the entire town sigh from releaf.

SS163. Near E45. A must - for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

HD 4K - 4Gb (Only if you have big screen and fast net.)


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