All good things must come to an end

After a bit over a month of riding I was getting saddle sores and when my tyre blew I was stranded on autobahn.
It was friday evening and I was pushing my bike on the side of the road, hugging the thorn bushes, 10km's from closest small town, wondering where I was going to sleep. This was no longer fun.

Only 5 minutes later this knight in shining armor appeared out of nowhere, stopped, blocked about 1km of trucks trying to pass us by and asked me if I needed help. At least I think he did. I don't speak german so I just nodded my head.



My angel dropped me at the nearest bike shop in the next town - free of charge. My luck was holding... thing is they were not that happy to see this type of "Intruder" at the only bike shop in town. Harley Davidson. How to translate inches to mm? Good service though. After a few tears and pouty lips they gave in and said... fine. I did not have to sleep at the side of the road.

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